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How To Get Started

IMPORTANT: Please do not show up to the studio outside of booked class times as we have private sessions and rentals 

Getting started is simple, there's just a few things you need to know before we start:

  • If you are joining in person clean indoor shoes are required

  • Some classes require you to bring your own equipment

  • Please bring a mat to all non Zumba Classes

  • Pre-sign up is required, we are not currently accepting walk-ins

  • Refunds and extensions will not be given on packages, It is up to each member to manage their account, we are here to help whenever needed

  • Members are asked to be on time for all classes as you risk being locked out at certain times

Now lets get you started!


Step By Step

Get in Touch

9 Woodlawn Rd E Lower Level Guelph Ontario /  Tel. 519.827.5570

Thank You!

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