In Person Classes

As of January 3rd 2022 we will be offering both in person and virtual classes. Please be advised there is specific protocol and measures in place for in person classes. Please ensure that you read the following guidelines carefully and fully understand the rules for in person classes before signing up. Here's what you need to know:

  • It has been 2 years since we have danced in doors in person together and we want to do everything we can to ensure everyone is safe, healthy and happy. We ask that you please respect the rules and guidelines and understand that we just want to do our part in keeping our community together and safe all at the same time. If you choose not to follow the guidelines and rules we ask that you refrain from joining us in studio and instead enjoy our virtual or on demand options instead. Please be advised we reserve the right to revoke in person privileges at any time, and refunds will not be issued if this corse of action is required. 

  • Classes will be held at Karma Yoga Studio located at 404 York Road

  • If you OR anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID, or if you have received notification that you have been in contact with someone that has tested positive you are asked NOT to attend in person classes until you have received a negative test result regardless of your symptoms 

  • If you or ANYONE in your household is ill we ask that you please enjoy our virtual or On Demand option until everyone is feeling better

  • Participants MUST provide proof of vaccine at first visit, please ensure you arrive a few minutes early on your first visit to ensure the instructor has time to check you in before class

  • Masks must be worn when entering and exiting the building and while moving around the studio but do not have to be worn for the class

  • Outdoor shoes are NOT permitted in the studio please ensure you bring clean shoes for the studio floor

  • Participants must bring their own equipment whenever needed for class including mats and weights

  • Pre Registration is required, please ensure you pre book your classes on our website or app, you will see an in person and virtual option, please ensure you pick the right one as we will not be taking walk ins for in person classes. 

  • In person classes are currently capped at 15 people


Virtual Classes

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Class Descriptions

Whatever your fitness lifestyle is we can ensure that you will have a BLAST SHAKING and PUMPING your body into shape in our friendly, fun livestream fitness classes . Student, senior and family discounts available. 

Fitness in Gym
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Pilates Stretches
Crossfit Exercise
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Video Recording

You will notice our schedule has two colours outlined on it. Classes highlighted in green have both an in perosn and virtual option. Classes highlighted in teal are virtual only. Virtual classes are offered through Zoom, please be advised all of our packages included BOTH in person and Virtual options. All unlimited packages also include our On Demand classes as well. Class passes DO NOT include the On Demand option.

  • Virtual classes are offered through Zoom, we ask that you remain muted during class unless you need to ask us a question or if we open up the class for discussion. Although we love being able to see you during class you are not required to have your camera on.

  • Participants will be sent an email containing your link for class and a password. Please DO NOT share your link or password with others

  • Passwords will be update randomly to ensure our classes remain protected

  • Please do not book more than a week in advance and only begin to book your nexts weeks session on the Sunday before

  • For the best at home experience we recommend streaming the class to your TV, this will allow you to see us better and to control, the volume better. If you need help please do not hesitate to ask we would be more than happy to come and help you

Fruit Shakes

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Fitness Class

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