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zumba® school program

The Zumba® Kids & Zumba® Kids Jr. School program is designed exclusively for kids ages 4-7, 8-11. Students will enjoy these rocking, high-energy dance parties packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love like hip-hop, salsa, Cumbia and more. These programs inspire students to express themselves through movement and have fun while effectively improving their overall health and well-being. Kids love it because it’s on the cutting edge and fun. Educators love it because it’s active, fun and helps increase focus, self-confidence, boosts metabolism and enhances coordination.

Zumba Kids
Kids camp
Zumba kids JR

Registration for the Zumba® Kids School program can be done by online payment, cash or cheque payable to "SHAKE IT OFF STUDIO". To register please select one of the two options available. 


If you need more information please email us or call 519-830-6406.

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