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Pricing Plans

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New Member Sale!


New members and returning members that have not had a membership in the last 6 months can take advantage of our New Member Sale. This package includes:

  • 30 Days of unlimited classes

  • 25% off Healing Services in The Healing Room

  • 1 FREE Buddy Pass

  • Access to On Demand classes

  • Custom start date

Enjoy 30 days of unlimited classes with no contract or sign up fees! See below for package details.

Please Take a moment to read through the policies before picking a plan:  We are passionate about shaking everything we can to ensure that our members are receiving exceptional value from their fitness experience. START NOW and join a community of people coming together to shake it through these crazy times.


Please be advised it is up to each client to manage their account appropriately, Refunds, extensions and credits will not be issued  based on usage or lack thereof. Some packages have expiration dates, these dates will not be extended please ensure you set your start date before completing your checkout to ensure you do not miss time on packages.

Memberships with Contracts: Memberships with contracts will be billed monthly for the length of your contract terms. Once you have completed your contract term your plan will auto renew as a month to month plan until cancelled.

Cancellations: Members are able to cancel their memberships after their contract cycle is complete. Cancellations must be done BEFORE the next payment comes out. Members who choose to switch their package will be subjected to a new contract. It is the responsibility of the plan holder to contact Shake It Off Studio to set up cancellations.

Start Date:  You may select a custom start date if you are not ready to start your package right away. This must be done BEFORE you complete your purchase. Once the payment has been processed we will NOT be able to adjust this date for you.

Refunds:  Refunds, credits and extensions will not be granted on any plans, memberships or class passes. Please ensure you understand your plans terms before completing your purchase. Once your purchase has been made you are agreeing to the terms associated with said plan.

Waiver: Once your purchase is complete please look for your welcome email, in it will be a link to our online waiver. Please fill out the waiver before attending your first class.

  • New Member Sale

    30 Days unlimited, valid to anyone that has not had a SIOS membership in the last 6 months
    Valid for 30 days
    • Unlimited Classes for 30 days
    • In Person
    • Zoom
    • On Demand
    • No Contract
    • 25% off healing services while plan is valid
    • 1 FREE Buddy Pass while plan is valid
    • Custom start date
    • No refunds or credits
    • All classes must be pre booked online before attending
  • 60 Day Anniversary Sale

    60 Days unlimited classes
    Valid for 2 months
    • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes (NOT Zumba)
    • No Contract
    • No sign up fees Fees
    • Valid for 60 days
    • No refunds or extensions
  • 10 Classes Anniversary Sale

    Valid For 90 Days
    Valid for 3 months
    • Includes all classes on our schedule
    • Includes In Person and Zoom Classes
    • No Set Up Fee
    • No auto renewal
    • Valid for 90 Days
    • Select your start date before checkout
    • No Refunds or credits for unused classes
    • 25% off all healing services while plan is active
  • 30 Days

    30 days unlimited Classes
    Valid for one month
    • Includes all classes on our schedule
    • Valid for 30 Days
    • No auto renewal
    • Custom Start Date at checkout
    • All Classes must be pre-booked online before attending
    • Includes In person and zoom
    • No refunds or credits given for unused sessions or time
    • 25% Off all healing service while membership is active
  • 6 Month Contract

    Every month
    6 Months unlimited Classes
    • Includes all classes on the schedule
    • After 6 months package goes to monthly until cancelled
    • Custom start date at checkout
    • Includes In Person and Zoom classes
    • Includes On Demand Classes
    • No refunds, credits or early cancellations
  • 12 Month Contract

    Every month
    12 months unlimited classes
    • Includes all classes on our schedule
    • Includes person and Zoom
    • Access to On Demand Classes
    • 12 Month Contract switches to month to month after 12 months
    • Custom start date can be selected at checkout
    • No refunds, credits, extensions or early cancellations
  • 10 Classes

    10 Classes of your choice
    Valid for 3 months
    • Includes all classes on our schedule
    • Valid for 90 days
    • Includes In Person and Zoom Classes
    • Custom Start date can be selected at checkout
    • All classes must be pre-booked online before attending
    • No refunds or credits for unused sessions
    • 25% off all healing services while pass is active
  • Drop In

    1 Class
    Valid for 7 days
    • Enjoy any 1 class
    • Valid for 7 Days
    • Includes In Person and Zoom
    • Class must be pre-booked online before attending
  • On Demand Classes

    Every month
    Unlimited Monthly Access
    • Unlimited Pre Recorded Classes
    • Auto Renewal Monthly
    • Cancel Anytime
    • Access Classes anytime

Membership Benefits

Personal Training

One on one and group personal training is available in studio, in your home and on Zoom. We also do private group and corporate classes. Prices are set based on number of sessions and participants. For more information and to get a quote please email us by clicking the icon below.

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