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  • I'M ZIN

Born and raised in Dom. Rep Speaks Spanish / English Birthday April 26th

  • I'M ZIN

Born and raised in Canada  Speaks English

Birthday March 5th

  • I'M ZIN

Born and raised in Kentucky

 Speaks English

Birthday February 3rd



Born and raised in the Dominican Republic. In 2007 I moved to Canada to start a life with my new family and my baby daughter Mya. At the age of 15, I started dancing and very quickly my passion for dance grew, loving and enjoying every step, and every move that I was able to do. 


My dedication to dance and fitness made me a natural fit for Zumba® so one year after being in Canada I became a licensed Zumba® Instructor. I am currently a Zumba® Jammer (independent Zumba Fitness Choreographer). Zumba fitness has changed my life and has given me the opportunity to share with others my passion and love for dance, music, and fitness. I love to encourage class participants to shake it and I find it very rewarding to see people smile!


During my professional career as a Zumba® Instructor and dancer in the National Ballet and folklore of Dominicana Republic, I’ve had the pleasure to work with International artists such as Celia Cruz, Juan Luis Guerra, Shakira, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Mark Anthony, Luis Fonsi, Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Mara, Vanilla Ice, Lil Jon, as well with the wonderful Canadian & US ZES teams including Beto Perez, Jani Robert, Tanya Beardsley, Gina Grant, Tony and Jessica Witt, Maria Browning and others. I also appeared in the ZIN live 42, Zumba® Toning Volume with Jani Robert and the “one-on-one” choreo in the ZIN 44.



stephanie dean

In August 2007 as I was flipping through pictures I couldn’t believe what I saw. My weight had somehow got away from me and I barely recognized myself. I decided that day that I needed to make a change. I went home and weighed myself and I was over 200 pounds. Desperation took over and I decided I needed to drop the weight fast so I spent the next year charging get slim fast diets to my credit card. Before I knew it, it was a year later and my credit card bill had grown as much as my waistline! My weight had not changed so it was time to try something else.


In 2008 I was living in Guelph and joined the local YMCA. My first day at the gym I noticed that they had Zumba Classes, I didn't know what a Zumba class was but I convinced my mom to come try it with me and I fell in love instantly! I began attending every class I could and with the proper diet, the weight started shaking off! I finally found something that REALLY worked and that was fun at the same time.


By 2012 I was taking lots of Zumba classes with my instructor Carlos, who also had his own classes outside of the gym. In the same year, Carlos was selected to participate in the Fitness Concert at the Zumba Fitness Convention but this meant that he would have to leave Guelph for a Month for training. A MONTH WITH NO ZUMBA CLASS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


But wait, Carlos had an idea, I had attended all his classes and was starting to memorize his routines, what if I became an instructor and covered for him while he was gone! WHAT ME………TEACH………… NO WAY…… OK, I will do it! In April 2012 I was finally licensed to teach the class that I loved doing so much. I went from being the quiet shy girl in class to the energetic outgoing one at the front of the room. I saw this as my chance to help other people who have struggled like I have to reach a healthy weight. Zumba® has changed my life for the better and I will be eternally grateful to the people who gave me a chance to prove myself as an instructor. Now I look for every opportunity I can to do what I LOVE TO DO….ZUMBA®


Ellie Day Neumann

Born and raised in Kentucky, Ellie is a former primary school teacher who combines her skills as a professional educator with her passion for fitness in her role as a fitness instructor. 

Ellie has an infectious enthusiasm and a true desire to help others live life to the fullest. Ellie pours her heart into every class and provides her participants with an experience that is filled with fitness and fun!


Ellie is a licensed instructor in Zumba® Fitness (B1&B2), Zumba® Kids, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Pro Skills, Zumba® Gold, Strong by Zumba®, Pound and she is also a certified personal trainer with specialties in Fitness Kickboxing, Bosu Training  and Nutrition and Wellness. Ellie was honoured to be a part of the Bachata Extreme Team which presented at the Orlando Zumba® Convention in 2018. 


In her free time,Ellie enjoys line dancing, ballroom dancing, traveling with friends and family and is also a member of a competitive adult hip/hop dance team



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